Clinical Use of Pediatric Diagnostic Tests, 1st Edition

Clinical Use of Pediatric
Diagnostic Tests
Clinical Use of Pediatric Diagnostic Tests [Paperback] - Enid Gilbert-Barness (Author), Lewis A. Barness (Author). Laboratory tests in the diagnosis of diseases in the pediatric age group are commonly an essential part of the diagnostic workup and are important for selecting the most appropriate treatment. Many new techniques and laboratory studies have been introduced in the last few years, and many have replaced older methods that have become obsolete. It has become essential to the practice of modern pediatrics to be familiar with advances in laboratory medicine, and it has become important to meet the demands of the practicing physician. The complexity and sophistication of many tests exceed the capabilities of many office or small hospital facilities; however, when necessary, these tests can be referred to specialized reference laboratories. These laboratories or facilities we have indicated. Univ. of South Florida, Tampa. Text aids in the choice and interpretation of commonly performed diagnostic lab tests, in order to avoid unnecessary and expensive tests, and quickly pinpoint an accurate diagnosis. Features a primary care focus and a disease and system organization. 

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