Drug Calculations for Nurses A Step by Step Approach Book

Drug Calculations for Nurses
A Step-By-Step-Approach 
Drug Calculations for Nurses A Step by Step Approach Book Third Edition Robert Lapham and Heather Agar. This handy pocket-sized book will help you to perform drug calculations with confidence and competence. Chapter have been completely updated to include community practice settings, and a whole new section has been added on pharmacology and medicines so that you will understand the context in which you are making drug calculations. The fully revised third edition begins with advice on using calculators, basic math skills, and how to estimate answers. It then progresses onto basic pharmokinetics and therapeutics, explanations of units and drug strengths, and finally step-by-step drug calculations. The book is top and tailed with a pre-test and a revision test so that you can can be confident about the skills you've acquired. keep visiting our site to download Medicine misc free pdf books by rapidshare mediafire and to get Drug Calculations for Nurses. As nurses gain greater responsibility and nurse practitioners become a larger group the pressure on nurses to prescribe accurately and independently increases. At the same time the general view among lecturers is that students of medicine as well as of nursing are arriving at university with increasingly poor basic maths skills, and this is also said to apply to pharmacy students.

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