Advanced Medicine Recall 1st Edition - James D. Bergin

Advenced Medicine Recall
Advanced Medicine Recall (Recall Series) [Paperback] - James D. Bergin (Author). Advanced Medicine Recall is written primarily for fourth year medical students, sub-interns, and interns. It expands upon the core clinical specialty areas within internal medicine—cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, gastroenterology, hematology, oncology, infectious disease, endocrinology, allergy and immunology, rheumatology, neurology, and dermatology. This book is written in the rapid-fire question and answer format of the Recall Series, with the question on the left side of the page and the answer on the right. Mnemonics are interspersed throughout. Additional chapters in Advanced Medicine Recall include Environmental Medicine, Psychiatry, and The Consultant. The focus of the advanced material is on differential diagnosis, patient management, and disease management. I found this interesting book after memorizing "Medicine Recall". I am one of the medicine residents but there are so many things for me to know... This is one of the "painful" books, because it pimps a lot. I have been enjoying reading this in the bus in every AM and PM... I think those questions are more difficult than board qs. Problem is the volume of books.

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